Chef Katsuji Tanabe is a renowned chef, dynamic television personality, and culinary expert known for his exceptional skills and unique approach to flavor and food.

Born in Mexico City, Katsuji has a diverse background that greatly influences his culinary style. With Japanese and Mexican heritage, he
brings a fusion of flavors to his dishes, creating an unexpected but harmonious blend of traditional Japanese techniques and bold Mexican spices.

Chef Katsuji's professional career took off when he opened his first restaurant in Beverly Hills. The first of its kind kosher Mexican restaurant. His culinary reach then expanded to New York, Chicago and now Raleigh, North Carolina.

Best known for his three seasons on Bravo's Top Chef, and winning Chopped on the Food Network, Katsuji has showcased his creativity, passion, and competitive spirit. His bold personality and innovative culinary creations have made him one of the most dynamic and beloved contestants to compete in the world's premier cooking contests.

Chef Katsuji is not only a culinary virtuoso but also an engaging public speaker and advocate for immigration. With a razor-sharp wit, he brings humor and authenticity to his advocacy work, using his platform to speak passionately about his personal journey and the positive contributions of immigrants to the culinary industry, emphasizing the richness that diverse backgrounds bring to the world of food.

Chef Katsuji continues to inspire food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs through his culinary creations, restaurants, cooking demonstrations, and involvement in high-profile culinary events. His commitment to blending cultures and flavors has left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape, making him a favorite and respected figure in the world of gastronomy.